MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry have been blasted by ex-BBC journalist John Sergeant during an appearance on GB News. John Sergeant, a former chief political correspondent at the BBC, slammed the Sussexes as “just awful” and lambasted them for the “damage” they have done. Mr Sergeant went on to argue “we should never hear” from the couple ever again. “I would just like to wake up and for someone to say, who do you mean there.



“It’s just awful, the pointless damage they’ve done. “It’s one thing to say they were treated unfairly, you know they weren’t.” GB News host Dan Wootton then interjected to say he believes the Sussexes had been treated fairly and argued the Royal Family had “laid out the red carpet” for them. Mr Wootton said: “They weren’t treated unfairly, the Royal Family laid out the red carpet for this couple, they got everything they wanted.”



Twitter users were divided in how they responded to Mr Sergeant and Mr Wootton’s exchange. @clarescastle wrote: “Spot on John Sergeant. Oh to never hear from them again.” @StellaRoyal111 said: “All UK media should ban any interaction with them or their PR reps the end.” @axelknudsen added: “Pretty sure this is mutual, gammon… wheel on.” @PeteZarrol chimed in to say: “They’re soooo obsessed. The coordinated smear campaign is so obvious.”



@remain_eu said: “You seem to care about them an awful lot for not wanting to hear about them.” The comments come as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge embark on their royal tour of the Caribbean, which has been marred by protests in Belize and Jamaica.
Prince WIlliam has condemned slavery in a speech in Jamaica while there are concerns that accusations made by the Duchess of Sussex about racism in the Royal Family may have encouraged republican sentiment in the region. The Jamaican government has also made it clear that it intends to follow the example of Barbados and become a republic.


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