Meet Claire Hogle, 'the next Paige Spiranac':

Meet Claire Hogle, ‘the next Paige Spiranac’: “I was often the only girl at the course”

laire Hogle appears to be building momentum online as many think she can challenge Paige Spiranac for the title of the “Queen of Golf’.

Hogle just like Spiranac was a college golf player that started to captivate due to her beauty as well as her golfing skills.

Claire Hogle currently has 800,000 followers on Instagram as well as a little over 70,000 on Youtube.

Claire Hogle started playing golf thanks to her mother

Even though her father played golf his entire life, it wasn’t until Claire’s mom insisted that she’d have to play golf while studying that she got into the sport, as she told Cougar’s Corner during an interview.

“My dad has played golf his entire life so I grew up around it, but I never played or pursued it. In eighth grade, my mom told me that I have to play at least one season of high school golf or else”, Hogle recalled.

Claire’s first glimpse at national attention came when she played for the California State University San Marcos team, and she remembers how she fell in love with the game of golf during her early years.

“So I played my one season which I prepared all summer for, and I really liked it. I didn’t want to at first, but I ended up really liking it and pursued it to take it further.”

Who’s Claire Hogle’s favorite golfer?

Claire Hogle has said in the past that Jordan Spieth is her favorite athlete.

The San Diego native took to social media instead of professional golfing once her college playing career was over, which was cut short due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

An just like Paige Spiranac did a couple of years ago, Hogle is starting to increase her popularity around the sport of golf and in general, mainly due to her astonishing beauty.


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