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Coming into this season, the Golden Knights had Stanley Cup aspirations, but after a slew of injuries, failed to make the playoffs for the first time since entering the league in 2017. The injuries were huge this season, they lost close to 500 man games this season, including many of their top players, Max Pacioretty, Captain Mark Stone, Alec Martinez, and even Robin Lehner.



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Pacioretty and Stone missed half of the season, but the players aren’t using that as an excuse.

“I don’t think I’d put my finger on one thing, I mean, I wasn’t really in the locker room for that long either, which isn’t ideal, I played 37 games, but you know we had 40 people walking out of our locker room this year,” said Mark Stone. “It was an interesting year on that side of things and you know, I just think we couldn’t get it back on the rails again to get in.”



nights1 vagas
Not only will the team use the extended off-season to get healthy, they entered $13 million over the salary cap, so we will definitely see some changes in the roster.


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