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Kim Kardashian has been accused of kicking out around 300 people from a spot at the Revolve Festival over the weekend, reportedly to secure the spot for herself to take pictures at. TikTok user @lizoodell shared a photo of a tranquil spot at the Revolve Festival, which was held alongside Coachella on April 16 and 17, with the caption:



“Much love to your photoshoot.” The user then shared a number of ‘story time’ videos detailing the situation, and alleged that Kim kicked out about 300 people from the ‘top area’ of the festival to secure a spot beside the pool to get pictures at. She also claimed that a security guard had asked the people to leave the area on Kim’s demand.



The user went on to share that Kim apparently didn’t end up using the pictures she took at the spot, writing in a comment: “She wanted everyone who was invited out so no one would bother but like, we wouldn’t.”



Many TikTok users then resorted to bashing Kim for acting ‘entitled’, with one user commenting: “Just cause she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she can just kick people out of their spot. She’s still human just like the rest of us.” Another slammed Kim, saying: “They don’t have the right to bully people just because they’re celebrities.”



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