Clarkson’s legacy, however, will not just be built upon her artistic career alone, though —and this is because of many other astrological aspects that can be seen in her natal chart. Her immense popularity, charm and magnetism are written repeatedly in her birth chart, and her planets link and weave a story of a woman who is compassionate, empathic and genuine.



Her sun — linked to her natural radiance — and moon — tied to her soul — are amplified a billion times as they ballet with Jupiter — the planet of fortune, luck and optimism. She is generous, courageous and was meant to bring light into the world. She ultimately leaves everyone she meets or connects with feeling more hopeful and inspired. Of course this also means that favor has often smiled upon her, as she’s had a natural tendency to take the lead, put herself out there and then impress others who then reward and praise her.



Her moon is also united with Mercury, bringing her an honest, logical, intelligent and direct approach in communication, but also a sense of humor and wit that is subtle and humble, too. Clarkson is certainly ambitious, with her sun staring Pluto in the face, bringing her a strong personality and focus to be recognized and admired. She certainly knows how to get her way, but with her Pluto holding hands with Neptune, it shows that she always operates out of her highest good and likes to make everyone happy.



The last thing I’ll note here is that many aspects also reveal that she is truly authentic—independent in her way of living her life and proud of who she is. As her Mars smiles upon Uranus, she’s passionate about being a free spirit. Because of all of these factors, I do believe that Clarkson could become one of the greatest pop culture personalities and icons of our time.


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