Kelly Clarkson has finally settled the nasty divorce with her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, and agreed to vaccinate their children from COVID-19. According to the agreement, Clarkson will pay Blackstock a massive one-time payment, and ongoing child support. On a monthly basis, Kelly will pay Brandon child support for the couple’s two children — River Rose, 7, and Remington Alexander, 5. Kelly will start paying Brandon a total of $45,601 per month, for both children, starting on February 1.



As for the one-time payment, ‘The Voice’ judge will shell out $1,326,161 — which is tax-free. The couple agreed to joint custody of their children, except that they will be living with her in Los Angeles. Interestingly, the settlement specifically states they agreed to vaccinate their children from COVID-19. The issue is described in the agreement, connected to the travel back and forth to see their father out of state.



Kelly Clarkson Gets The Family GUNS In Divorce Settlement
Kelly agreed to make a “reimbursement” payment to Blackstock of $50,000 for private air travel for the children. The former couple agreed the kids will fly private until they are vaccinated, and will be able to travel first class to see their father following being fully vaccinated. At this point, Brandon will remain living at the former couple’s Montana ranch. But, Kelly is getting both Montana properties in the deal, and he will pay her $2,000 a month until June.



At this point, he will move out of their home. It’s unclear where he will be living after leaving the ranch. Along with the Montana properties, Kelly is getting another house in Toluca Lake, CA. The best part is Kelly is getting “all guns acquired prior and during the marriage,” although the exact list of firearms is not in the agreement. It appears the family does quite a bit of hunting, as Clarkson will also get a Can-Am 4-wheeler, a bush hog, and other items connected to the sport.



Kelly Clarkson’s Ex-Husband Will Get $45,000 A MONTH In Child Support
Also, Clarkson will get possession of a pick-up truck, a Ford Bronco, a Ford F-250, and a Porsche Cayenne. A few other interesting items are listed in items belonging to Clarkson, including a flight simulator, a water heater, and a “ford fire truck.” The former couple owns property in Tennesse, and items from that home will be sold at auction. It includes motorcycles, a forklift, a plow, and a John Deer tractor. Several other important items are going with Clarkson including “family pets” living with her in L.A. and a baby grand piano.



Brandon won’t be walking away from the marriage without several important assets which include all of the couple’s “farm cattle, livestock, stock dogs, and horses.” Besides the huge one-time payment, Blackstock is set to receive $115,000 per month in spousal support — until January 31, 2024. As we said, Kelly will pay him another $45,000 in child support until the kids are 18 years old.



Kelly Clarkson To Keep ‘Family Pets’ In Divorce, Except Cows And Horses!
The former music manager, who was represented by celebrity lawyer — Samantha Spector — is getting a Ford F-350, a Ford F-250, an ATV, several CAT snowmobiles, and other hunting items. Interestingly, Brandon is keeping possession of an expensive pair of diamond cufflinks made by Neil Lane, and Patek Philippe watches. As a new bachelor, Blackstock made Kelly sign off on his keeping of the couple’s “golf simulator.” As we reported, the divorce itself was a bit nasty at times, with the ex-couple fighting over the prenuptial agreement and other issues. We’re told both sides are happy with the settlement and are ready to move on. Just remember, we broke the story, you will now have to refer to the talk show host as “Kelly Brianne” following a legal name change.


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