Kelly Clarkson is almost through with a difficult divorce, yet the bad times are still going. One report says she’s trashing Brandon Blackstock’s belongings from her LA home. Gossip Cop investigates. According to the Globe, Clarkson is purging her LA home of everything Blackstock. “They’re still mediating their divorce, but Kelly’s sick and tired of looking at his junk,” an insider says. The American Idol winner refuses to be his storage locker.



Clarkson is “making a list of items to send back, including clothes and records,” a source says, “but if there’s something he doesn’t claim, it’s toast!” She found old love letters and mementos from the good days and they’ve all gone into the trash. She’s furious because a judge let Blackstock get away with her Montana ranch. The judge did not exactly give Brandon Blackstock the Montana ranch.



Kelly Clarkson reached an agreement with him worth only 5.12 percent of it. In fact, Clarkson holds sole ownership over a surrounding area. This small percentage amounts to about $908,800. It can’t feel good to hand over nearly a million dollars to your ex-husband, but it’s not as bad as the tabloid made it out to be. Gossip Cop cannot buy the pivotal details of this story. Imagine if Clarkson really did find old love letters and decided to burn them: Who would know about this? That’s quite an intimate moment that Clarkson may not even tell her immediate family about.



She’s certainly not going to say a word to the Globe, so these sources can’t be trusted. Removing an ex’s possessions from your home is a pretty common practice. Clarkson and Blackstock are never getting back together, so something like this would be inevitable. What it’s describing isn’t vengeful; it’s just an inevitable part of a divorce.



Last April, the Globe printed a credibility-shattering story about Kelly Clarkson defecating in trash bins to shock her friends. This dreadful story was completely false and should tell you a thing or two about this tabloid. It also claimed Clarkson’s friends were shipping her to a “fat farm,” but that never happened.



Gossip Cop also busted its story about Clarkson allegedly struggling more than ever. The divorce has not been easy, but a string of legal victories means she’s got some good news. With so many bogus stories under its belt, there’s no way one could ever trust this outlet when it comes to Clarkson.


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