Is Kelly Clarkson draining her bank account to beat her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock in court? One tabloid claims Clarkson would rather funnel her money into her legal team than see it land in Blackstock’s hands.



This week, the National Enquirer reveals Kelly Clarkson is upping the ante in her legal battle against ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. After lawsuits, a contested but ultimately upheld pre-nuptial agreement, and hundreds of thousands of dollars lost in both spousal and child support payments, Clarkson and Blackstock’s divorce has been anything but straightforward.



But the original American Idol winner isn’t backing down now.“Kelly feels now more than ever it’s imperative she sticks up for herself and fights back against Brandon with everything she’s got,” an insider dishes. “She’s adamant she’s been more than reasonable, despite him trying to milk her like a cash cow.” But the source insists it isn’t just about protecting her finances.



“This isn’t as much about money as it is about principles and fairness. Kelly’s got plenty of money in the bank to fund a lengthy divorce war, and that’s what she intends to do,” the snitch whispers.But sources also say that something has to give because they can’t keep this up forever.



“Their disputes are many, and it’s obvious neither Kelly nor Brandon is looking to back down,” the tipster explains. “They’re both proud folks, who each maintain they’re in the right. But ultimately their inability to compromise is just ruining each other.”



Kelly Clarkson Throwing $45 Million At Divorce?

While it’s true that Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s divorce hasn’t been civil, we doubt Clarkson is keeping the battle alive out of spite. She’s been very clear from the start that her primary focus at all times is her children.



Back in 2020, she opened up about how hard the divorce had been on her two kids and that she’s hesitant to share too much about it for their sake.There’s a lot of hearts involved here,” Clarkson said. “And you know, that’s the thing that’s been kind of hard to navigate is I am an open book, but at some point, I’m a mama bear more than I am a person in the public eye.



So, I care one hundred percent more about my children than I do anything else on this planet. So, that’s been the hard thing of, like, yes, I’m willing to share my experience and yes, it is the worst.” Clarkson has even stayed pretty civil to her ex when speaking about him publicly. “Like I said, nothing’s wrong with anybody, it’s just…it happens, and that’s why there’s nothing to hide about it in that sense.



You know, it’s just, divorce is a really [expletive] thing,” Clarkson admitted. So, while it’s clear that Clarkson isn’t letting Blackstock walk all over her, she isn’t trying to drag the battle on for any longer than she has to. And honestly, it’s pretty offensive to accuse Clarkson of doing so.


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