kate middleton first outing 2022


THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE has caused a storm as her first outing of 2022 has seen shoppers flooding the market to match her “super-affordable” style. The surge in demand for Kate’s wardrobe comes after the Duchess visited the Foundling Museum in London. Dedicated to the Foundling Hospital, the museum located in Brunswick Square tells the story of children at risk from abandonment.



The Duchesses’ outfit included black trousers from Jigsaw, and Accessorize hoop earrings. Such was the demand for the items, that many have now sold out. Following the sighting, Accessorize saw customers scramble to buy the earrings, resulting in a 242 percent explosion in orders. The black Jigsaw trousers sported by Kate also saw a 150 percent increase.



Both Accessorize and Jigsaw also saw their brand names flourish across online search engines following the visit to the museum. Accessorize saw an increase of 114 percent online, whilst Jigsaw enjoyed 109 percent more hits.For those unaware of what brand the Duchess was wearing, searches for more generic matches also saw rises. Navy coats, silver hoop earrings and black polo necks all saw rises of significant importance on internet search engines.



The demand for fashion accessories and clothing emulating the Duchess come after a series of photos was released celebrating her 40th birthday. According to Lovethesales.com, “When it comes to modern fashion icons, there is no one more influential on global shopping purchases than Kate Middleton.” It adds: “She sets trends, takes risks, and influences shopping habits around the world.”



The website claims that the most sought after look worn by Kate was a gold sequin dress, sported in all its glamour on the red carpet of the “No Time to Die” premiere in London. The searches for the dress saw an 809 percent peak in internet traffic looking for a match.


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The dress, designed by Jenny Packham also saw the designer’s name searches increase by 105 percent. Next up was the pastel blue polka dot dress worn by Kate as she showed off newborn Prince George on the steps of the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s hospital. Searches for the summery dress increased by 750 percent, with baby blue dresses seeing a 143 percent rise.



A 2011 charity gala came in third. Here, Kate was seen wearing a figure-hugging metallic sequin dress in rose gold. Searches for the garment saw peaks of 630 percent in search traffic.



Kate, who last year set up her Centre for Early Childhood, and Prince William, who accompanied the Duchess, spoke with charity bosses who discussed homelessness, mental health impact and helping young people in care who fail or slip through the cracks.


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Taking their seats, Kate asked the experts: “From your experience what makes the difference between a young person succeeding after leaving foster care and when they do not.” They heard about “challenges for young people” when they regularly move home and are sometimes exploited by the criminal world.



William added: “If you keep moving a child around when they are an adult their relationships are so short and shallow.” Kate said she was concerned that without providing stable homes for children they risk being moved around and having to “tell their story again and again.”



The Museum delivers training, mentorship programmes and creative projects, led and developed by contemporary artists, writers and musicians, to continue to use creative action to transform and improve the lives of care-experienced young people.


It helps around 30 adults who grew up in care every year. The Tracing Our Tales is described as a unique programme that has been developed to equip care-experienced young adults from London boroughs with the skills to devise and deliver workshops at the Museum for family groups.


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