KATE, Duchess of Cambridge, playfully teased her husband Prince William during a recent visit. Kate and Prince William spent a day in Wales last week to celebrate St David’s Day, the nation’s patron saint. There, they visited Abergavenny and Blaenavon with the aim to learn more about the impact the Welsh agricultural industry has on the wider local rural communities.



After visiting a goat farm, a local market and a community-focused youth centre, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ended their day by joining in the ongoing “plant a tree for the Jubilee” initiative launched last year. Both Kate and William were handed a shovel to plant their shrubs in the town of Blaenavon.



Geraint Richards, Head Forester of the Duchy of Cornwall, joked with the Duke of Cambridge while he was shovelling the dirt.Referring to the several tree-planting ceremonies undertaken by William during tours and visits, Mr Richards said: “I think you have done this before, Sir”. William quipped: “Once or twice, Geraint”.



Kate then chimed in and, while pointing to the ground she joked: “William, you’ve missed a bit!” The tree-planting project, part of the Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC), is one of the many created to mark Her Majesty’s 70th year on the throne.



With the aim to create a lasting and living legacy to the Queen, the QGC is inviting people from across the UK and the Commonwealth to plant a tree and mark it on its website in a bid to keep track of the location of these new shrubs and create a digital network. The Queen and Prince Charles unveiled the QGC initiative in May last year, when they planted together a tree on the grounds of the royal Windsor estate.



On October 1, they joined forces again and planted a copper beech sapling at Balmoral, during a meeting with primary school children. Kate and Prince William are scheduled to plant a tree also during their upcoming tour of the Caribbean, taking place later this month.



The Duke and Duchess are to visit Belize, Jamaica and The Bahamas – three nations recognising the Queen as their head of state. There, they are aiming to meet as many people as possible and discuss, among other topics, the local conservation efforts and early childhood approaches. Kate and Prince William are known to be playful with one another and the Duchess has been caught in the past lightly mocking her husband.



While visiting the Blaenavon Hub, Prince William commented on the Welsh cakes he prepared, saying they were all looking “a little bit skinny”. The Duchess took the chance to make fun of her beloved husband and said: “You could put them together?” Later, pointing at the table where William worked his dough, she added: “You made a big mess as well.”



In November last year, as the pair attended the Royal Variety Performance, Kate found again the perfect occasion to make fun of her beloved husband. While speaking to attendees at the event, the Duke of Cambridge could be heard clearing his throat and speaking with a hoarse voice.



Once being provided with a glass of water, Kate – who was speaking to other guests – joined his husband’s conversation by cracking a joke at his expense. Placing her hand on his shoulder she told the other show attendees, referring to the possible cause of William’s hoarse voice: “It’s too much singing.”



Kate and Prince William were last spotted in public on Wednesday, when they visited the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in London. After learning more about the efforts being made to support Ukrainians in the UK, in Europe and in their own war-torn country, William revealed his three children are aware of the conflict. He said: “Ours have been coming home asking all about it. They are obviously talking about it with their friends at school.”


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