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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very hands-on when it comes to disciplining their children. As part of their wish to give George, Charlotte and Louis as ‘normal’ upbringings as possible, they lead the way with parenting – unlike royals before them who relied on a team of staff and nannies.



The couple are regulars on the school run and love spending quality time with their children – cooking, baking and playing in the garden whenever they can.
uke and Duchess of Cambridge are very hands-on when it comes to disciplining their children.



But Kate and William can also be strict when they need to be, as according to a source, there is one very big rule in their home that they vow to stick to.They told the Sun : “Shouting is absolutely ‘off limits’ for the children and any hint of shouting at each other is dealt with by removal.



“And instead of sending their kids to the naughty step or to their rooms, Kate and William have a ‘sofa chat’.The source explained: “The naughty child is taken away from the scene of the row or disruption and talked to calmly by either Kate or William.



“Things are explained and consequences outlined and they never shout at them.” But when Kate and William have royal engagements to attend to, their nanny, Maria Borrallo takes over the childcare duties. Maria trained at the prestigious Norland College, in Bath, which is well known for training the caretakers of the UK’s most notable families.


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“The nannies are taught everything from defensive driving to security issues to how to care for a future king or queen,” royal commentator Victoria Murphy told ABC News shortly after the birth of Princess Charlotte.



“So [Borrallo] just really knows everything that you could possibly need to know about bringing up a child.”She was hired by the family back in 2014 when George was just eight months old and now looks after Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis too.



She lives in Kensington Palace and travels with the family on visits and royal tours as a discrete presence.Maria is believed to be very strict with the royal children and like all Norland Nannies has a “no-nonsense” approach.


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Norland expert Louise Heren told the Sun : “There will be no messing. That’s because Maria will be aware that as they step off planes, holding mum’s hands, smiling and waving to the crowds, there can’t be any crying or terrible twos or tantrums.”The children have a 7pm bedtime, which has to be stuck to, and all playtime must take place outside, no matter the weather.


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