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KATE MIDDLETON visited the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in west London today for Ukrainian refugees fleeing to the UK and the rest of Europe. But what was her body language like? Kate Middleton and Prince William visited the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in London, learning more about how the UK is stepping up to help the waves of Ukrainian citizens fleeing the country following the Russian invasion.



The royal couple met with Ukrainian volunteers, with Kate radiant in an Alexander McQueen jumper that nodded to the blue of the Ukrainian flag. Both William, 39, and Kate, 40, also pinned emblems of the Ukrainian flag to their outfits.The pins sported the flag with a small white heart in the centre in a further token of support. But what was the Duchess of Cambridge’s body language like?



Judi James spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to reveal all. She said: “With her much more down-to-earth image here, wearing her hair straighter and a simple jumper and trousers outfit, Kate’s body language signals suggest suppressed distress and discomfort as she listens intently to the presumably tragic circumstances she is having described to her.



Frequent nodding and with an unsmiling facial expression, Kate appears to be at this Ukrainian support centre to listen and empathise rather than get stuck in. “Her distress signals include a frequent sucking in and licking of the lips as though struggling with emotion at the plight of the people the centre is helping,” the expert noted. What other body language signals did Kate perform?



Judi continued: “Her hand movements also suggest a sense of uncertainty and empathy as she changes her hand poses as though keen to get it right for the crisis situation.“Her hands touch together in front of her lower torso before she tries to shove them into her pockets. “This more natural movement suggests the intensity of her listening skills before she quickly checks herself and brings her hands out to touch together in front of her waist in a more signature royal gesture.”



Speaking at the centre, Prince William said the British people would be jarred to see conflict erupting closer to the UK than is often familiar. He said: “It’s very alien to see this in Europe. We are all behind you. William added that he hoped to do more to help, saying: “We feel so useless.” The pair toured the centre, hearing about the donations the facility has received since the start of the Russian invasion a fortnight ago, and how the centre supports those in the local area.



They also helped with sorting and wrapping up items donated by the public to the centre. They toured the centre with the Ukrainian ambassador Vadym Prystaiko and his wife Inna, as well as Inna Hryhorovych, who spearheaded the relief operation.William said: “The irony is it brings Europe closer together. “Europe is closer together than it’s ever been before because of Ukraine.” He added that “we have seen a lot of that Ukrainian spirit already”, urging the volunteers to “keep together. Everyone is there for you.” For this occasion, Kate wore a stunning blue jumper from Alexander McQueen which retails for a whopping £520.


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