Ever wonder how Kate Middleton prepared for casually joining the royal family? Elocution lessons, bb.



According to Cosmopolitan UK, Royal expert Duncan Larcombe told Ok! Magazine that Kate signed up for lessons ahead of her royal wedding to Prince William in 2011.


kate middleton
The goal? To sound “more regal.” “I first spoke to Kate in April 2005 when she was on a ski trip with Prince William, Prince Charles and Prince Harry in Switzerland,” Duncan said, adding that “She was always well spoken.”



He went on to note that “Having said that, it’s as though her accent and the way she carefully speaks and pronounces her words have become more regal over the years and morphed into what we see now.



It’s almost like her accent has changed in accordance with the role that she’s played over the years.”


kate middleton wore layers 2
Apparently it’s “never been denied” that Kate took lessons in elocution, and she likely came to the decision to do so herself.



“She was every bit the Prince’s girlfriend material and, of course, now she has an accent that is fitting of someone who will be Queen,” Duncan said.



“Kate is a perfectionist, she will look at everything about herself in minute detail so she’s know exactly the kind of outfits that she wears to send out the right signals and are appropriate.


Kate middleton with Prince William
She’s elegant when she needs to be and mumsy when it’s required. With that sort of attention to detail, can we really blame her for also paying that same attention to the way she delivers what she says?”


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