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Experts recently weighed in on the lessons Kate Middleton gave Meghan Markle during her early days in the Royal Family. Kate’s role has been analyzed by filmmaker Bidisha in Channel 5’s Kate: Our Queen in Waiting documentary.



There Bidisha said, “Apparently, Kate also schooled Meghan in some of those English conventions which you may not think about as an arriving American.” “What are all those unspoken rules that you need to follow if you are a royal, and that makes me think when it is her time to be the Queen, she herself is going to be a kinder woman opening success in generations.”



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Even Etiquette consultant William Hanson weighed in on Kate’s role in helping Meghan adjust to life within the Palace and admitted, “Meghan won’t have a specific tutor, but the royal household and other members of the Royal Family who have ‘married in’ will be passing on their knowledge to the newest addition.”



“As the most recent person to marry into the Royal Family The Duchess of Cambridge will be of the most use to Meghan, I would imagine.” “I suspect Catherine will be passing on an array of things she has learned – some the hard way – to Meghan, mainly focussing on wardrobe pitfalls and traps and perhaps also conversational techniques too.”



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Mr Hanson also spoke of the issue during his interview with the Evening Standard and admitted, “Meghan will also be observing others, too, watching and copying certain mannerisms or tricks that they do to cope and successfully navigate the pitfalls of court life. Her fiancé will, of course, also be sharing his considerable knowledge too.”



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