Since the new year dawned, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge has been out and about at a variety of solo and group royal engagements.



Earlier this month Kate visited Twickenham for a spot of rugby to mark her new sporting patronages, before joining Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall for a visit to The Prince’s Foundation at Trinity Buoy Wharf.


queen and charles laugh
Last year saw some seismic events shake the Royal Family, including the death of Prince Philip and Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s bombshell TV interview with Oprah Winfrey.



But as a body language expert pointed out, Kate appeared to take on a larger role in the spotlight, “emerging with a leadership profile” as one of the Firm’s most senior members.Based on her 2022 outings so far, it seems Kate is further solidifying her more prominent role within the Royal Family.



Body language expert Judi James told “We might only be a few weeks into the year but already Kate’s profile and her body language charisma seem to be on the same fast-moving incline.


prince charles and andrew and harry
Last year we saw her emerging with a leadership profile in the Firm, choreographing brief rituals of unity between her husband and his brother Harry, and consoling Prince Charles at his father’s funeral.”The normally reluctant performer also showed off her piano-playing skills on TV and proved she had talent as a presenter and a campaigning speech-maker.



“So far this year we have seen Kate displaying a hands-on sporty side in a way that is unique in royal history, throwing a rugby ball around at Twickenham and being thrown up in the air in a scrum to catch the ball before passing it on.



“It wasn’t just what she did but the way that she did it that was so telling, too. Kate may have been laughing but she also looked determined to get the move right. She clearly knew what she was doing and didn’t let any displays of shyness or self-consciousness turn the manoeuvre into a clumsy joke.”



Kate’s visit to Trinity Buoy Wharf with Charles and Camilla this month also highlighted the approval she has garnered from her royal in-laws. Ms James added: “As well as her solo spots we’ve also been reminded how well [Kate] works as part of a double act with William, and also as part of a trio with Charles and Camilla.



“Despite being the family’s rising (or risen) star, Kate is always good at not eclipsing either Charles or William which, keeping in mind the Windsor male’s trait of preferring to be central to the spotlight, has managed to keep Kate both popular with the public and with her father-in-law, who clearly adores her.


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