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Kate Middleton has reportedly had enough with the tabloids criticizing her physique and eating habits and is putting her foot down against the ‘sick’ natured comments. This news comes shortly after the unveiling of Kate’s 40th birthday portraits taken by famed Italian photographer Paolo Roversi.



While there was a large number of fans gushing over the Duchess’ regal beauty, there were also clusters of citizens that voiced criticism regarding her eating habits and admitted that “she looks too thin.” Others however felt personally attacked by the royals’ choices and dubbed her “not a good role model for girls.”



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In response to the ongoing debate and downright hate, an insider has stepped forward to give a public voice to Kate’s reaction towards the hurtful accusations. The insider admitted to Express, “It’s frustrating for Kate because she’s always been very fit and slim.” Especially considering the royal has also been into yoga, Pilates and running from an early age.



Even to this day. “Kate is very active, but that hasn’t stopped people from accusing her of being unhealthy. It’s offensive and it’s body-shaming, and she’s sick of it.” The same source also pointed out how Kate has been under intense scrutiny since the 2000s “She’s been the most-watched member of the royal family for years,” and all of it has caused her to struggle with the pressure and the spotlight.



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“Trying to be perfect all the time can be exhausting and nerve-wracking,” the insider continued saying, “especially when the criticism isn’t warranted.”



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