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The Cambridges’ London base is currently Kensington Palace while they also have Anmer Hall on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, given to them by the Queen. According to the Daily Mail when Charles becomes King, he intends to move into Buckingham Palace and it will effectively be his “flat above the shop”.



And when this happens, sources say Prince William and Kate will ‘ultimately inherit Windsor Castle’ – but keep their domestic and work base at Kensington Palace in London. Windsor Castle, which is around 1,000 years old is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world.



According to the Daily Mail’s Richard Kay, it is earmarked for Kate and William and Charles finds its location under the Heathrow flight path “too noisy”. He also writes that the couple has been looking in west London for senior schools for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.



Houses they’ve reportedly looked in Windsor at are Frogmore House, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle held their wedding reception in 2018, and Fort Belvedere, where Edward VIII signed his abdication papers.



However, according to the Mail, it is understood to be too small for the Cambridges while one official also noted: “Nothing is set in stone”.


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It has long been speculated that the Cambridges could move to Windsor with the Telegraph reporting a move to suburbia for the family “makes total sense”.However, the publication said it reportedly left members of their London circle ‘aghast’ by eyeing up a move to Berkshire.



The Telegraph writes: “Their London circle is aghast – what’s wrong with Anmer Hall, their 10-bedroom weekend house in Norfolk? – and so, too, are their green-welly friends, who consider this corner of Berkshire as not proper countryside and horribly naff.”



Meanwhile, last year, it was reported that William and Kate were “seriously considering” relocating to Windsor to be closer to the Queen and royal decision making. A source told the Mail on Sunday at the time:


William with Queen Elizabeth
“Anmer Hall made sense while William was a helicopter pilot in East Anglia and it was useful for Christmases at Sandringham, but it doesn’t really work anymore.



“It’s a little too far away for weekends, but Windsor is a perfect compromise. They are eyeing up options in the area.”


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