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The Queen has occasionally broken a 700-year-old rule which King Edward III passed in 1337. The Royal Family has many rules to follow, especially in the style department.



From what they eat to what they wear, there is quite a lot to get the hang of when you are a member of the Royal Family.


kate meghan and queen fued
One such rule is 700 years old, and it bans the Queen and the rest of her family from wearing fur.



King Edward III, who ruled from 1327 to 1377, banned anyone from wearing fur in the Fur Act of 1337, including royals.



Although it allowed for limited exceptions, it effectively prevented anyone from wearing fur as part of their outfit, even the Royal Family.


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The Act limited the class of people who might wear fur to earls, barons, knights, prelates of the Church of England and those who expended 100 pounds at least in a year.



However, some state events such as the opening of Parliament currently require the monarch to be dressed in fur, despite the ancient law.



According to the Queen’s royal dresser, Angela Kelly, the Queen stopped wearing new clothes featuring real fur from 2019. Designers are now instructed to use faux fur instead.



The move included removing real fur from some of her favourite outfits, such as mink from a much-loved coat.


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