Harry and William


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, both 39, announced their US tour which is set to take place next year after Prince William’s Earth shot Prize ceremony last month.


The monumental visit will mark the first time the Cambridges have visited the US since their official visit to New York in 2014. However, along with the exciting news of a royal tour, speculation over a reunion has been rife and a royal expert has revealed his thoughts on the matter.


Duncan Larcombe, author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, stated he does not believe a reunion will take place during the visit. He told OK magazine: “An American trip was inevitable because they’re our closest ally, but it’s tricky because as things stand, there’s no way on earth that Prince William would want to share any part of an official royal tour representing the Queen, Britain and the Commonwealth with Prince Harry.


“What we’re seeing are increasing signs that Harry and Meghan are setting themselves up almost as a satellite royal family in America. “Meghan trades on her title to try to influence major political figures in America.


“Harry is still Prince Harry and is able to be whisked around New York like they were recently, as though nothing has changed. “But of course they’re not royals and what, we’re being told by palace officials, won’t happen, is for Harry and Meghan to join William and Kate for any official part of this visit.”



The royal expert continued to reveal Kate and William’s visit is being organised in an official royal capacity, which means protocol will be followed.
He continued: “We don’t know the details of the trip yet but last time William and Kate went to America, they went to a red carpet event with rising stars of British film in LA.


“Even if there’s an event arranged in LA this time, I’m told that Harry and Meghan wouldn’t be a part of it unless they were invited separately and privately. “So there’s going to be no reunion of the fab four, that’s for certain. “There will be a lot of focus on the visit purely because of the rift between the two brothers.”



While a reunion does not seem likely, Mr Larcombe also predicted Kate and William will be traveling across the pond alone and leave their three children in England. He said: “When Prince William was a baby he spent his six weeks on a trip to Australia and New Zealand with his parents being paraded in front of the cameras.


“I think he wants to avoid that for his children.”


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