Kate Beckinsale is showing off two sets of buttocks in deep snowfall and broadcasting it to Instagram. The 47-year-old “Underworld” actress, known for her NSFW updates and penis talk, kicked the weekend off to a very rear-centric start, posting footage of herself and her dog Myf in fresh snowfall and keeping the caption all buttocks. Kate, followed by 4.6 million, talked “weirdly human buttocks” for her pet pooch, but the British beauty did admit that it was a right back ‘atcha deal – hers are “canine” ones. Check it out below.



Scroll for the action. Kate, making 2019 headlines for telling talk show queen Kelly Ripa her faucets are “phallic” – and 2021 ones for her strap-on sausage penis – was keeping it down below on Friday night, but it was booty the star was addressing.


Kicking off in selfie mode with a wintry car shot as she and her dog twinned in shiny metallic silver jackets, the actress showed off her good looks in shades and a hat, then offering a little more action.



A quick swipe to the right drove fans to a video of Kate and her dog running around a grassy area completely covered in snow. “The Widow” star, all boots and a big hat to battle the cold, was seen chasing her dog around, then filming him solo – this is where the caption came in.



“We were twinning until Myf decided to expose her weirdly human buttocks and I kept my slightly more canine ones covered,” Kate told fans.




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Fans, who don’t always leave positive feedback and last year slammed Beckinsale for dating 23-year-old musician Goody Grace, are now telling her she’s ready for “a reboot of Whiteout.” Interestingly, a pet expert also swooped in, getting likes for replying:



“It might just be a trick of the light. But if you have not already. You might want to get your doggy checked over by a vet. The little cutie pie looks like she has the beginnings of cataracts.”Kate’s bikini body, making headlines this year for the actress’ massive thigh gap, has been including the pets.



Cats Clive and Willow recently got themselves a little leash walk complete with their owner driving fans wild in a tiny bikini – Kate has been told she’s a “Benjamin Button” with her age-defying body.


Replies last night did, however, mention Beckinsale’s age. “Why am I getting an eccentric old woman vibe here?” one asked. Keep scrolling for the selfie that had fans thinking Kate is literally aging backwards.


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