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Kate Beckinsale is gearing up for a memorable Valentine’s Day – but instead of spending it with a romantic interest, she’s making it a girls’ day. The actress took to Instagram to share a series of snippets of her weekend spent with friend Nina Kate in matching pink frocks.



The adorable outfits, fit for a baby and complete with frills, featured layers of ruffles and even little bows to up the cute factor. However, the two styled them in a distinctly different way, pairing the dresses with striking high heels, and Kate’s white pair in particular featured a dangerously tall and spiky heel.



She completed the ensemble with her hair in a tight ponytail and thigh-high black socks, as she was ready to “Galentine her Sunday.” Kate included other clips of themselves engaging in fun activities, including coloring books, ballroom dancing, and just generally posing with their dresses.



“My ankles broke just looking at these shoes, you ladies have serious skill,” a fan commented on the post, with another also saying: “Lol, love the fact you have a pair of 8′ Pleasers.” A third wrote: “Well your day beats my entire month,” with one adding: “So…how does one get to spend a Sunday afternoon with such a lovely and wholesome duo!?”



The Jolt star has been enjoying some hilarious down time with friends, recently even posting videos of herself playing with her friend Jarret as they flooded the house with bubbles. The two unleashed a huge amount of bubbles as they started dancing to Hanson’s Mmmbop, and she tempted slippery fate by even wearing sky-high combat boots.



One part of the video that many fans noticed was her cat Clive sitting on the kitchen counter in front of them, unamused in a bonnet and Fendi sweater.


kate bekinsale
However, she revealed that all didn’t end well, as in another clip, Jarret walked up to the camera and took a tumble because of how slippery the bubbles had made the floor. Kate turned heads in a mesh mini dress with detailing which protected her modesty and it had a tulle train too.


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