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Kate Beckinsale, 48, shows off her age-defying physique in a skimpy maroon bikini as wistful star pokes fun at herself in year old throwback videoIf time is a cruel mistress then Kate Beckinsale proved that, for her at least, the clocks have well and truly stopped as she showed off her age-defying physique on Wednesday.



Taking to Instagram, the 48-year old actress appeared to be in a wistful mood while sharing a video filmed exactly 12-months ago outside an undisclosed Los Angeles home.Wearing a distinctive maroon bikini beneath a white sheer robe, Kate’s undeniably toned body is on full display as she descends a set of steps outside the property.


Stunning: Time may well be a cruel mistress, but Kate Beckinsale proved the clocks have clearly stopped as she showed off her age-defying physique on WednesdayHowever her otherwise dramatic descent is undermined as she stifles a laugh while walking off camera – the result of her hapless cameraman toppling into a cactus.



Captioning the short video, the actress also poked fun at her attempt to walk the notably steep steps in a pair of awkward strappy heels.She wrote: ‘This is a good example of what my mother would call “walking as if one has bogged ones breeks.” And also of a short gay man silently falling into a cactus off camera.


‘And also of exactly this time last year pre Covid . Buggering hell. Hang tough everyone.’Finishing touches|: Kate rounded off her look with heavily tinted sunglasses and a pair of strappy heels



Somewhat inevitably the video was well received by her adoring fans base, with many commenting on Kate’s flawless appearance.One wrote: ‘There is no one else in the world who has mastered those heels. You are an icon!’


While a second added: ‘Thanks for this clip. It made my 2 a.m. insomnia worth it.’Posting a one word response, a third follower commented: ‘Gorgeous.’


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