Kaley Cuoco had an emotional end to the week as she revealed on social media that she had just wrapped filming for season two of The Flight Attendant. With an emotional Instagram post, she shared snippets from her final day on the set, including a snapshot of her on a bicycle outside the Warner Bros lot. She also added two clips of herself being applauded by the cast and crew for her phenomenal work as she breaks down into tears.



Kaley eventually found the strength to get up and deliver a heartfelt speech to the entire team, saying: “This has been an unbelievable seven months, thank you so much. This has been a huge, huge team effort. “This has been the strangest life imitating art for me that I’ve ever had in my career, and I would’ve never been able to get through this without each of you,” she added.



“One of you saved me each day for the last seven months. And I owe you all the biggest thank you,” she said, stating that the experience was a “dream come true” for her. With her post, she added an emotional caption that read: “That’s an official wrap on season 2 @flightattendantonmax 3 countries , 7 months , mega highs and lows, Covid etc!



“What a cast, what a crew, what a team!! There are no words to describe my gratitude. Can’t wait for you to see what we did!” Many of her friends and fellow celebrities took to the comments to congratulate her and the team for the achievement, with her sister Briana Cuoco lovingly adding: “So proud of you!!!!”. “Can’t wait for the new season,” many fans excitedly commented, with one sweetly saying: “Love this so much. You work so hard and are so humble and kind. Congratulations Kaley!”



The HBO Max show’s upcoming installment, slated for Spring 2022, will see Kaley return to her role as Cassie Bowden, one which she has received critical acclaim for and even her first Primetime Emmy nomination. The Big Bang Theory star shared several snippets from her last few days on set, even including a video of herself with her body double dressed in identical clothing dancing hilariously on a lavish set on the last day of shooting.


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