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Kaley Cuoco gave fans a peek at her flawless bikini body over the weekend. Kaley posted a video of herself soaking up the sun with one of her dogs as she relaxed in her swimming pool. The clip, which she shared with her 5.9 million followers via Instagram stories on April 26, captured the actress as she relaxed on a large inflatable raft with her foster dog, a Chihuahua named Dumps.



Little Dumps looked over the side, to the bottom of the pool, as Kaley laid on her back with her left arm resting on the edge of the inflatable device.



The actress looked incredibly relaxed as she worked on her tan, wearing a blue and white striped bikini top — which appeared to be strapless — to avoid any awkward tan lines.



The video appeared to be shot by her husband, Karl Cook, who informed his wife that the fun pool floatie she was lying on was upside down while he stood beside the swimming pool.



“Honey, you’re upside down on that thing. You’re supposed to be the other way around,” Karl told her from behind the camera. The couple are quarantining together in Los Angeles.



Kaley responded by shouting that she thought it was “better” that way. She also poked a little fun at her man in the caption attached to the video. “Swimming with Dumps! also thanks mr-know-it-all I’m aware it’s upside down.” Kaley added an eye roll emoji to emphasize what she really felt.



The husband and wife duo appear to be having a whole lot of fun together amid the coronavirus lockdown, and have been keeping their fans well updated with how they’re spending all their newfound downtime.



Another recent upload to Kaley’s Instagram showed her and Karl posing together for a selfie as the actress showed off her swimming pool muumuu. This share inspired a hilarious response from her The Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki.



It’s evident that Kaley’s fans and followers love her fun and carefree social media posts, and she doesn’t appear to be slowing her roll in this regard any time soon.


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