Kaley Cuoco pay heartfelt tribute


Kaley Cuoco is rocking that $26 Amazon nightie like there’s no tomorrow. The “Big Bang Theory” actress is currently struggling with both a time zone difference and a forced 14-day quarantine following her recent return to NYC – if you aren’t up-to-date, Kaley left Los Angeles to resume filming her upcoming HBO Max series “The Flight Attendant.”



A forced two-week quarantine required by the state of New York sees Kaley in a new lock-down. The 34-year-old is spending it in PJs, with that unicorn nightie now worn three days straight now.



Keep scrolling for snippets from Kaley’s latest stories, plus a video. The above photo came over Memorial Day weekend as Cuoco showed off her “awesome” unicorn nightshirt as part of her latest Amazon haul. Kaley is so obsessed with nightshirts from the retail giant, she’s even deemed them an “essential item.”



Kaley’s latest video showed her at 8 a.m. and in the rented pad where she’s with “The Flight Attendant” co-star and 31-year-old sister Briana Cuoco. Also in tow, is chihuhauha Dumptruck Dumpy who just yesterday got his own Instagram account.



Kaley, followed by 6.1 million on Instagram and now seeing her chihuahua rack up 39,000 followers overnight via his @dumps_does_ny account, updated on Thursday with that famous nightie and a reminder that the 3-hour time difference between LA and NYC can be tricky.



“Ok. It’s 8 o’clock. I’ve been trying to set alarms because I need to start like, training my brain and body to wake up early when I start shooting again…,” Kaley began.



Kaley, seen in selfie mode and with bombshell bed hair and zero makeup, continued:“Cos even 8 o’clock, this New York time is killing me.”The actress then kept a straight poker face as she sarcastically referenced her “foster fail” pup Dumpy, saying: “But someone else in my life just cannot get on that schedule quite yet.”



The camera then swung to Dumpy. The adorable chihuhauha Kaley and billionaire heir husband Karl Cook planned to only foster during COVID was quickly deemed a “foster fail” as the 2018-married couple fell in love and decided to keep him. Scroll for more.


Kaley’s “The Flight Attendant” series, already filmed in Italy and NYC prior to the pandemic pause, brings the sitcom star playing Cassandra Bowden, a woman who wakes up hungover in a Dubai hotel room only to find she’s next to a dead body. Kaley stars and serves as executive producer in the series, with her Yes, Norman Productions company behind it.



“The Flight Attendant” also brings another Cuoco face. Cult LA founder sister Bri, who also stars in Kaley’s animated “Harley Quinn” series, will be featuring alongside her famous sibling.



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