Kaley Cuoco pay heartfelt tribute


Kaley Cuoco‘s character Penny on “The Big Bang Theory” seemed to have a ton of “action” during the show. If you look through the entire series you may be surprised to find out that the character was just referenced as having sex with other characters on the show. At no point did Kaley really have to do a formal “sex scene”. In fact, Cuoco had never had to do a sex scene in her entire career until now! The star recently revealed details of what it was like to film a sex scene in her current role on “The Flight Attendant”.



You Don’t Train For Things Like This
If there’s a sex scene class in acting school it’s clear that Cuoco did not attend. At least from what she mentioned to The Hollywood Reporter’s roundtable. She mentioned on her experience,



“I didn’t know what to do.” She also recalled that her partner for the scene Michiel Huisman directly told her, ‘You’re acting so weird, you’re making this way weirder than it needs to be,”



The scene was one of the first scenes that were shot for the show. This certainly made for an interesting experience for Cuoco as a dive into the deep end. Seeing as how this was her first major gig after The Big Bang Theory.



Drunken Sex Requires Quite A Bit Of Skill When Sober

In the series, Cuoco plays alcoholic flight attendant Cassie Bowden. In the scene, her character meets Michiel Huisman’s character on a flight. Just like in many people’s fantasies the pair goes back to have drunken sex. Only for Cuoco’s character to wake up the next morning with no recollection of what happened and her one night stand dead by her side!



Playing a drunk character was something that Cuco had to do plenty of times for her role as Penny. Drunk sex though, was a no-no. Cuoco recalls feeling totally out of her element.



Cuoco Had A Horrible Time Between The Scenes

For Kaley, the most awkward moments of the whole experience happened between shooting each scene. The way that she explains it seems overly relatable. When they’re shooting the scene actors have to at least make it look like they are “all over” each other. The director has to yell cut at some point, and when this happened Cuoco recalls,



“When they called ‘cut,’ I’d be hovering over him like I was on a toilet. I’m like, ‘I’m not touching anything, I’m not looking at anything.”


Kaley Cuoco pay heartfelt tribute
Her Acting Was At Least Convincing To Critics

Both Cuoco and her partner for the scene would probably agree that the experience was not smooth at all. Her acting seemed to convince critics and fans alike though. She was nominated for numerous awards for her role on the show. Including a Golden Globe nod. Although she ultimately lost out on the award.



She’s also received praise for her role as Harley Quinn in the R-rated animated series. It’s safe to say that she has continued to have success after her major role as Penny. Something that not many actors can boast!


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