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Kaley cuoco is embracing a new phase in her life. In a wide-ranging interview for Glamour magazine, The Flight Attendant star opens up about the hard lessons she’s learned in therapy — including the search for what she really wants in life, how being a workaholic impacted her past relationships and how she’s able to find emotional balance amid success in Hollywood.



kaley red“My therapist and I are working on forgiveness and forgiving myself for making mistakes,” she said. “I think that’s been the hardest thing is just accepting that I’m normal and that I’m not superwoman. I highly recommend therapy to everyone out there. Even if your life is going really well.”



kaley whiteThe 36-year-old has been at the top of her game since her star-making role in The Big Bang Theory ended three years ago. One of the most powerful women in Hollywood, Cuoco owns up to her unhealthy obsession with work that has led to the deterioration of past relationships in her life — including, in part, her recent divorce from equestrian Karl Cook in September.



cuoco“I do admit to being married to my career. I am,” she explained. “It’s always been my first love. I think that’s a tough one to overcome. I think as women get to this point…[and yes] it is a challenge for me, [because] things in my life and people sometimes don’t measure up to the feeling I have with my career. And I admit to that holding me back in a way. I’m talking about that a lot in therapy.



black cuoco“I’m so black-and-white, and trying to find the gray is just very hard for me,” she added. “It’s all or nothing. I actually have a T-shirt that says, ‘Still trying to find the gray.’ And I admit that’s a downfall. I’ve lost relationships over it; I’ve lost friendships over it.” The actress, who has been particularly open about her emotional struggles on social media in the last year, explained that she wanted to let her fans know that it’s OK not to be OK.


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