Actress Kaley Cuoco has been giving fans behind-the-scenes insights into her workout regime recently and while she always seems upbeat in the videos, her trainer showed another side to the story on Tuesday.



Kaley’s trainer Ryan Sorensen shared a photo of The Flight Attendant star glaring at him, captioned: “The look Kaley Cuoco gives me before every exercise… [crying laughing emoji].”



The star is known for her intense workout regime and a fan commented on the snap: “If she has that expression after, I’d look dead after.”



Indeed, Kaley’s exercise sessions do look particularly challenging. In a clip shared on Monday, Kaley’s training partner Monette (and body double) accidentally chucked an exercise ball directly into Kaley’s face while they worked out.




The ball rebounds off Kaley’s face who urges her trainer to stop filming shouting: “We’re not shooting anymore!” The injury didn’t keep Kaley down for long. Shortly afterwards, she could be seen working out on a VersaClimber.




VersaClimber sessions do look particularly brutal, and Kaley isn’t the only fan. Basketball legend James LeBron has posted videos on him using one before, as has Mark Wahlberg, who famously has a rigorous workout routine. Ultra-muscly Taylor Lautner is a fan too.



Kaley has a VersaClimber in her home gym, along with a rowing machine, treadmill, battle ropes and a Peloton bike, to keep her exercises varied.




But the workout area doesn’t stop there! The star’s garage space, with its special rubber flooring, has a large entranceway that allows her to exercise with a breeze from the great outdoors.



The rest of Kaley’s house is just as luxe with a stylish lounge area and a very chic bedroom.



It is designed with white walls and natural wooden flooring, while furniture includes white cupboards built into the walls and a large bed with a tall white headboard.


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