Kaley Cuoco and her early morning coffees are back. The 35-year-old sitcom star, who last year fronted Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks after all those early morning coffee videos, was today back to sharing her first cup of the day, posting for her 6.8 million Instagram followers and in a bleary-eyed story while rocking a fluffy head towel.



Kaley, who remains popular for her impromptu Instagram series A Cup of Cuoco, even shouted out her Yeti mug – and it wasn’t an ad. It wasn’t a million miles off the ones filling Kaley’s feed last year as she shot HBO Max thriller The Flight Attendant – the November 2020-commenced show is now renewed for a second season and has earned the actress nine Emmy Award nominations.



Sitting all cozied up in a loose white t-shirt and with a turban-style and white towel atop her head, Kaley sleepily sipped her coffee – a caption explained the equipment she was using to keep it piping hot.Brooke Burke, 49, Rocks Valentine’s-Inspired Set And Heart-Shaped Sunglasses While In An Airstream.



Time-stamping her caffeine fix at 5.57 a.m., The Big Bang Theory star briefly closed her eyes as she also peeped a red manicure. The cup, meanwhile, came as a giant and metal-rimmed flask.


kaley on a green gown
“Back to work!” Kaley wrote, adding: “At least it’s not 4am lol I can handle!…Also this head turban for wet hair is life. And my @yeti mug keeps coffee hot for hours and u know I like it scalding.” Kaley, does, indeed, like her coffee hot enough that it burns her windpipe.In March 2020, Kaley opened up to Us Weekly about her coffee routine. “I go to bed at night just thinking of what my cup will be like in the morning, what mug I will choose, how the frothed milk will make me feel,” she said, continuing:



“The first thing I do I wake up in the morning is I turn it on. I like the smell. I like the whole process. It’s just part of my routine.” More photos below.The girl behind Penny even revealed: “I’m a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur. I love all things coffee,” stating: “It has to burn my esophagus.”



Kaley further remains known for having had somewhat of a meltdown in her Italy hotel room last year, this as the establishment only had electric kettles in rooms. With the cafe closed, Kaley wound up with sachets of instant coffee as her only option. The nightmare was, however, sorted as her crew got her a Nespresso machine for the room.


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