Galecki and Cuoco secretly dating while filming their show. Per New Idea, Galecki can’t stop blushing because Cuoco mentioned their romance in an interview. A source believes Galecki is still smitten with Cuoco. She’s finalizing her divorce from Karl Cook, and Galecki wishes he could be hers.



“Johnny never got over her,” a source says. “None of the women he’s dated has managed to outshine Kaley, but even more worrying is he’s convinced she keeps divorcing these guys because he’s The One.” Cuoco’s public praise threatens to lead him astray and “make it impossible” for Galecki “to ever move on,” a source concludes.



This story took a hard left into sexism out of nowhere. What started as an extremely common story of unrequited love suddenly began blaming Kaley Cuoco for Johnny Galecki’s attitude. Even theoretically, his psyche is none of her business, and it’s preposterous to turn any of her kind words into something worth attacking.



Cuoco and Galecki dated for a few years 12 years ago. While there may have been lost feelings for the I Know What You Did Last Summer star in the early days of the breakup, both have long since moved on. Cuoco’s gotten married and divorced while Galecki got close enough to Aliana Meyer to have a son.



Galecki and Cuoco exist today as good friends. He wished her a happy belated birthday on Instagram which Cuoco adored. She responded with laughing emojis to his photograph: pretty much just a selfie of Galecki. These two are obviously on fine terms, so this hung-up story is bogus.



New Idea loves stories about unrequited love. It maintains that Katie Holmes is still hung up on Chef Emilio Vitolo Jr. Even seeing those two names in the same sentence feels like ancient history. It also tried to invent a romance between co-stars David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston. As with Galecki and Cuoco, crushes from years ago aren’t enough to justify these lame stories.


kaley cuoco the flight attendant
This tabloid chose to go the lazy route with this story. Gossip Cop has debunked this myth about Cuoco and Galecki too many times to count. The two are just friends, and the outlet should have moved on when they did.


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