jennifer aniston sends love


The actress’ late dog, Dolly, sadly passed away in 2019. Jennifer Aniston paid tribute to her dogs on Wednesday’s National Puppy Day, sharing several adorable pictures of them on Instagram. Taking to her Stories, the actress delighted fans as she said never-before-seen snaps of her pet Chesterfield as a puppy. “I don’t know if ‘National Puppy Day’ is a real holiday… but I’ll take any excuse to post Chesterfield throwbacks,” she wrote alongside the first picture, which showed Chesterfield posing for the camera.



Jennifer later posted two videos, one of Chesterfield as a small puppy and another showing him all grown up. “From this… to THIS,” she captioned the clips. Following her sweet tribute to Chesterfield, the Friends star went on to honour Dolly, who sadly passed away in 2019. “Hi! I’m Jen and your name…? Dolly. Okay. Copy that. Miss this little one,” she wrote alongside a broken heart emoji.



The picture shared seems to be one of the first taken of Dolly, possibly when Jennifer first met the pup, whom she rescued. Dolly passed away a year after Jennifer split from husband Justin Theroux and at the time of the sad passing, the former couple came together to say goodbye to her, and held a spiritual ceremony for their beloved pooch.



At the time, it was Justin who shared the sad news on Instagram, posting a selection of images of the pair bidding farewell to their German Shepherd. He wrote: “Tonight, at sunset, after a heroic struggle… our most loyal family member and protector, Dolly A. laid down her sword and shield. (Wolf emoji, Love heart emoji) She was surrounded by her entire family.”



Within his touching tribute, The Girl on the Train star followed a photo of Dolly in the snowy mountains with a snap of him and Jennifer holding hands and resting them on their much-loved pet. The moving pictures also showed Jennifer and Justin gently wrapping Dolly in a blanket, covered in colourful flowers and petals as the sun set.


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