After numerous Twitter and Reddit threads, the fans have finally decided on who’s the ultimate sitcom babe. Jennifer Aniston and Kaley Cuoco both achieved fame by starring in hit TV shows. For over a decade, each played what fans call a “sitcom babe.” 17 years after Friends ended, Aniston is still associated with her character, Rachel Green. Following the conclusion of The Big Bang Theory in 2019, Cuoco also worked hard to escape the shadow of her character, Penny Hofstadter.



Critics say her new series The Flight Attendant has been a successful attempt at that. Aniston’s role in the ongoing drama series, The Morning Show also proves that she’s more than the funny girl tropes she was stuck with for a while. But the two actresses share other similarities as well. The blonde beauties have quite a striking resemblance and are always spreading positivity on their social media platforms. As a result, fans can’t help but make polls like Aniston vs. Cuoco and Rachel vs. Penny. After numerous Twitter and Reddit threads, the fans have finally decided on who’s the ultimate sitcom babe. Here’s how they’ve made their pick.


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Some Fans Say Kaley Cuoco Is The New Jennifer Aniston

In the 2019 Golden Globes, fans noticed that Kaley Cuoco was starting to transform into Jennifer Aniston. For the record, The Wedding Ringer actress has spoken about taking inspiration from the Along Came Polly star. Cuoco also revealed that one of her first movie parts was in Aniston’s 1997 film Picture Perfect. She was listed as “Little Girl” in the credits. “All I remember is spending the entire day convincing myself to tell Jen how much I loved her. (Friends was my life at that point),” she captioned a photo of her standing next to a Picture Perfect poster on Instagram.



She continued, “She was a gem to me then and a gem to me now (and to everyone she knows) funny to see this full circle moment. You never know where life will take you , or who’s life you will touch along the way 💫” Cuoco spotted the poster outside her dressing room on the set of The Flight Attendant. The Friends cast has also met The Big Bang Theory nerds in 2016 during a tribute to sitcom director, James Burrows. They huddled together for an iconic photo.



So Who’s The Ultimate Sitcom Babe?

Without a doubt, both actresses have blessed us with their amazing portrayal of probably the most adorable sitcom gals ever. Throughout the years, it’s been tough for fans to choose between Aniston and Cuoco. “This is the all-time classic Battle. This is pure evil genius. I sat there with my mouth open for about three minutes. How can I choose between these two? If there is a top shelf they would be on it,” a fan on Reddit wrote.



Another Redditor wrote, “This is a tough one. Jennifer Aniston is a classic beauty. Kaley Cuoco hasn’t been around as long, of course, but she’s drop dead gorgeous.” But in the end, Aniston won the polls. Out of 240 votes cast, she got 124 while Cuoco got 116. That’s a pretty close match. Another poll with 491 total votes also hailed the Friends star as the ultimate sitcom babe — this time winning by 11 votes. A fan explained the results were probably because “she [Aniston] has been [add] at it longer. Over 50 and still a knockout.” One added, “The correct answer is: Jennifer over Kaley, but Penny over Rachel.” Do you agree?



Kaley Cuoco Would’ve Voted For Jennifer Aniston Too

Kaley Cuoco is a big fan of Jennifer Aniston. She even wanted the We’re the Millers star to make a cameo in The Big Bang Theory. She told AOL Entertainment, “I love her so much, she’s also my style icon. I’m obsessed with her because she’s always so effortless and cool. I don’t want to say that it looks like she doesn’t try, because she obviously tries, but she just looks like the coolest chick around.” She always gushes about Aniston like the rest of us.



The 52-year-old actress also seems to be fond of Cuoco. The 35-year-old comedic actress revealed that Aniston greeted her warmly that night the cast members of Friends and The Big Bang Theory met. She said it was worth it mustering up the courage to approach her idol. “She smelled like a garden. It was everything I dreamed it would be,” Cuoco told Seth Myers about the encounter. She also joked, “It took a lot from me not to ask for her phone number… It would have been a little creepy. I wanted to — I didn’t but I’m still thinking she’s probably looking for mine.”


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