jennifer and brad pitt regrets


Jennifer Aniston is one of the world’s biggest stars, an actor and producer who has been part of the pop culture scene for three decades. Aniston, who is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful actors in Hollywood, has been married twice but has never had children—and her fertility has been a hot topic in the entertainment world for years.



Recently, Aniston opened up about the constant pregnancy rumors, revealing why she thinks the speculation about her family planning is “nasty.” Ever since Aniston has been in the spotlight, her love life has received a lot of attention. Her first major media relationship was with actor Brad Pitt.


jennifer aniston datingThe two got married in 2000, and quickly became known as Hollywood’s “golden couple.” They were married for five years before divorcing amidst a firestorm of controversy, with Pitt going on to establish a relationship with Angelina Jolie. Aniston and Pitt didn’t have any children together, although Pitt went on to have a large brood with Jolie.



Aniston’s second marriage was to Justin Theroux. They got married in 2015 and divorced just two years later. While Aniston and Theroux shared several pet dogs, they didn’t have any children during their marriage – and many fans started to wonder if Aniston wanted children at all. Tabloid speculation went into overdrive, and as Aniston recently revealed, the rumors simply became too much.



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