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Jennifer Aniston rarely strays from her signature hair (center-parted, blonde, and blown out), so when she steps out of the box, it’s a big deal. And just a few weeks after she showed fans a rare look at her natural hair texture, she’s back with a bang—literally.



In a photo shared to Instagram on February 8, Aniston seems to be rocking a brand-new pair of bangs. We’ve seen her with bangs before—though not in several years—but this wispy, retro-inspired version feels very apt for 2022. Since she revealed the look in a snap alongside her costar Adam Sandler, it’s safe to assume the bangs are for a roll (the pair just started filming Murder Mystery 2 together). However, we love the look and fully support her keeping them around after the movie wraps.



Jennifer Aniston isn’t the first one to start off the year by jumping on the bangs trend. Billie Eilish just went for a pair of dramatic baby bangs, while Kristen Stewart gave bottleneck bangs a spin. And while curtain bangs were clearly the It cut of 2021, they don’t seem to be slowing down either, as Kendall Jenner just got a pair herself.



Part of the reason we keep seeing the look everywhere? Curtain bangs are universally flattering and way easier to pull off than they seem. “Curtain bangs are the gateway to bangs, because they’re super versatile,” Emily Heser, stylist at Cutler Salon in New York City, previously told Glamour. “They’re long enough to grow out or pin back if you want, but they can also be cut into a shorter look.” The style has steadily become both a celebrity and Insta-girl fave for its easygoing vibe.”


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Want to try them for yourself? Start with cheekbone-grazing bangs—ask your hairstylist for a fringe you can tuck behind your ears—to ease your way in before getting anything shorter. The ability to tuck them gives you nice versatility. Tim Dueñas, hairstylist at L.A.’s Nine Zero One salon, agrees and says to ask to “keep the edges longer than the middle and the ends soft starting in the center of the pupils and working to the jawline.”


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