Jennifer Aniston has shared a video of her dogs on Instagram reels and it’s too cute to handle. The Friends alum, often shares cute moments of her pooches has now once again treated her fans with an adorable video of herself getting in a workout session at her home while being interrupted by two of her dogs — Lord Chesterfield and Clyde.



The 52-year-old Morning Show star started her 11-second Instagram Reel by trying to do twisting crunches while her furry friends can’t seem to get enough of her-got under her legs while playing tug of war with a stuffed animal. The video ended with Jennifer giving up and mockingly collapsed on the loving dog as she lays down her weight.



Aniston is one of Hollywood’s most high profile dog lovers and she also has a white pit bull named Sophie in addition to Lord Chesterfield and Clyde. She previously had two other dogs — Dolly, a white German Shepherd, and Norman, a Welsh corgi — who sadly died in 2019 and 2011, respectively.



Jennifer Aniston ‘far from her bubbly self’ as blues kick in: ‘Finding it tough’

Insiders believe Friends alum Jennifer Aniston has been struggling with her mental health for some time now and is “finding it tough not to have someone special to share her life with.” This in-depth look into Aniston’s mental state has been presented by a source very close to the actor.



According to their findings, not even fame and fortune can fill the hole in her heart that’s been left vacant because of her lacking love life. The insider admitted that the actor has often been seen sadder while on the set of Murder Mystery 2.



Reportedly, “She seemed to be sad about something and was far from her usual bubbly self. It was like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders.”


The source also dubbed this year one of Aniston’s ‘loneliest’ and admitted that while “She’ll put on a brave face and insist she’s fine with being single, the truth is, she’s finding it tough not having someone special to share her life with.”For those unversed with Aniston’s romance past, she was once married to Brad Pitt, and back in 2018 split from Justin Theroux.


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