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Jennifer Aniston has been a busy bee while in quarantine in Bel Air, California. Her social media has become far more active over the last few weeks and has accumulated over 33 million followers in 33 weeks’ time. (That’s a million followers a week!)



Building off of her popularity, and having shared how much she hates Covid-19, the “Friends” star announced four days ago that she is auctioning off a fully nu-de picture of herself with 100% of the proceeds going to relief efforts.



The risque picture is actually an older portrait of Aniston from her time on the iconic sitcom TV show. She can be seen with her famous shorter hair and what appears to be a teasingly surprised look on her face. The now 52-year-old is getting up in age, but fans will tell you how lively she still is!



Her post from several weeks back, where she literally gives the middle finger to the Coronavirus, made headlines. She captioned the very real update saying:“Dear Covid…⁣You can kindly F@!k off now thank you BYE ????☹️”



The photo is recorded as a bit of an iconic moment for the actress as she sat enjoying a meal when paparazzi began taking pictures. She wasn’t happy about it. Although some have speculated that the press has always been good for Jennifer. The former wife to actor Brad Pitt has had a bit of a rocky time while in the spotlight.



Her dating life was frequently a topic the media would smother, while the pressures on both herself and her romantic partners by the media often caused issues. Pitt has gone on record for telling the press that during the 90s, he felt that he was disappointed with himself after “ducking” from the media.



Pitt made it clear in a follow-up statement that his lackluster state of living wasn’t due to his wife Jennifer in the slightest, and was completely his own fault. A problem that eventually led to their divorce in 2005.



The two were originally not on good terms after the divorce, but it was later reported that they were on better terms after they had a chance to cool off.Aniston did eventually remarry, getting hitched to co-star Justin Theroux after working together on the movie “Wanderlust”.( Brad Pitt also went on to marry famous actress Angelina Jolie in 2014).



Jennifer took some time off from Television series’ after “Friends” ended in 2004. In 2019, she returned as producer and star in the hit TV series “The Morning Show”. Her performance was so spectacular in fact that she won another Screen Actor’s Guild Award.



Rather ironically, the last movie Jennifer starred in was “We’re the Millers” which premiered in 2013. Though the movie was controversial and received mixed reviews from critics, the movie was a box office success grossing nearly ten times the movie’s cost.


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