THOMAS Markle Sr hit out at Prince Harry for the advice he was offered from the royal to avoid media attention as he launched a new YouTube channel. Thomas Markle St launched his own entertainment show alongside celebrity reporter Karl Larsen, who first took pictures of Meghan Markle’s dad in Mexico. The Duchess of Sussex’s used the first episode of his new YouTube show to hit out at Prince Harry and his daughter for failing to follow the advice they told him to follow to stamp out media attention.



Thomas claimed the Duke of Sussex urged him to avoid talking to all reporters, a suggestion he claimed the royal couple has failed to abide by themselves. Speaking on Remarkable Friendship, he said: “It amazes me that a man that tells me, ‘don’t talk to anyone,’ rides on the top of a bus down Hollywood Boulevard doing an interview. “It amazes me they go on Oprah Winfrey for hours and sat there for hours and talk and expose things they shouldn’t be exposing to anyone.



“And I think it’s so disrespectful to the royals. I have great respect for all the royals.” Prince Harry last year appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, drinking high tea on a double-decker with the presenter as he discussed life after stepping down from the Royal Family.And the couple most notably sat down with talk show host Oprah Winfrey for a 90-minute interview in which they levelled a series of accusations about the treatment they received while still working members of the family.



Meghan Markle has not met with her father Thomas since before her wedding to Prince Harry in 2018. The former lighting director was reported to have struck a deal with paparazzi to take pictures of him in Mexico showing him preparing for the Royal wedding. He ultimately failed to attend the ceremony due to health issues and the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex was walked down the aisle by Prince Charles.Thomas has repeatedly spoken out over the years in a bid to secure a meeting with his daughter but his attempts have so far fallen short.


Prince Harry
The pair were also in dispute after he released a picture the Duchess wrote to him as he accused Meghan Markle’s friends of making false claims about him in an interview. The Duchess later sued Associated Newspapers’ for releasing the letter, with Prince Harry saying in 2019 he and Meghan had to take action against “relentless propaganda”. He said: “I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces.



“In a statement released after the Duchess won the latest stages of her legal challenge, she said: “In the nearly three years since this began, I have been patient in the face of deception, intimidation, and calculated attacks.”She added: “The courts have held the defendant to account and my hope is that we all begin to do the same. “Because as far removed as it may seem from your personal life, it’s not. Tomorrow it could be you. “These harmful practices don’t happen once in a blue moon – they are a daily fail that divide us and we all deserve better.”


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