Salma Hayek’s fans tuning into the Ellen DeGeneres Show on November 8 got to hear all about her “haunted” London house — but did you know the place was once home to Justin Bieber? Located on Hampstead’s Bishops Avenue, one of the “priciest” streets in London, the 17-room turn-of-the-century manor was rented by the Canadian pop star for $146,000 a month before Hayek took up residence there.



The award-winning actress, 55, and her husband, French billionaire François-Henri Pinault, 59, have been renting the luxurious mansion since 2017, with the Frida star occasionally showing glimpses of the luxurious abode on Instagram.



As Hayek said on Ellen last week, there’s a lot of paranormal activity going on in her London home, so much so that it took a medium to appease the ghosts lingering there. But beyond the spectral presences, which the Eternals actress admitted were largely benevolent, the stately manor captivates with its sumptuous decor and palatial interiors stretching over three floors.



Upon entrance, a grand staircase greets visitors with elegant dark oak banisters, its classy design, and a chic black-and-cream stair runner standing as a prelude to the lavish sights extending beyond.



Hayek was photographed on a couple of occasions on the grand staircase of her London house, posing gracefully as she showed off the refined wooden touches and accented white panel window.



Built in 1910 for Tate & Lyle sugar tycoon William Lyle, the Bishops Avenue mansion went through different owners and functionalities before Hayek and her family moved in four years ago. At some point, it served as a home for the blind and was even a refuge for Chinese government employees, per the American Post.



The imposing residence has since been refurbished and now boasts an indoor swimming pool, a gym, a cinema complex, and a wine cellar. There’s also a tennis court on the premises, with the House of Gucci star reportedly being a fan of the sport.



The spacious interiors tastefully combine the modern and classic aesthetic, mingling sleek, contemporary furnishings with baroque-style pieces.



Nestled within an arched alcove, a grand piano lends sophistication to the main lounge room, with a vintage red plush chair and an avant-garde navy-blue sofa giving personality to the cream space. A fuzzy round white armchair adds a trendy vibe, with Hayek taking her Zoom calls there, as seen below.



The cream palette is predominant throughout the house, with colorful accents lending character to the opulent interiors. In one of the living rooms, a large bay window is accented with by a cushioned grey seat, one adorned with pink throw pillows. Above it, turquoise glass detailing decorates the light fixtures. A pink baroque-print rug sprawls over the herringbone wood floor, complementing the matching vintage ottoman on top.



The manor comes with a state-of-the-art kitchen, which opens into a princely dining room. Crimson velvet chairs sit around a massive table, its shiny dark sandstone top offering an interesting contrast both in terms of color and texture. Scroll through the embed below for more snaps of Hayek’s kitchen and dining room!



While the spectacular mansion boasts 14 bedrooms, Hayek’s Like A Boss co-star Tiffany Haddish was impressed with one in particular when she stayed over last years during filming.



“She let me come to her house in London and sleep,” Haddish said on Good Morning America, per Hello! magazine. “She got this princess bed – you know, she’s like the richest person I know – she got this bed that’s a circle and it’s got like, a canopy and it was like a princess bed. I felt like Sleeping Beauty!”


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