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Another said: "She looks so beautiful, what an amazing tribute."


Queen Elizabeth’s favourite grandchild has just been leaked to the public and the answer is not Prince Harry. This revelation has been made to the Daily Mail by Palace insiders and one of them began their admission by throwing shade at Prince Harry who seems to carry the honour, in the eyes of the public. However, “No longer content to claim a special status with his mother, he now seems to be mythologising his relationship with his grandmother.”



“Would she recognise this description? I very much doubt it,” the insider later added. A separate insider broke down the royals’ identity and admitted, “She has always been close to Peter and admires the way he and his sister Zara handled themselves as grandchildren of the monarch but without royal titles.”



“Like William and Harry and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Peter and Zara were children of broken homes, but were somehow more exposed because of Anne’s decision that they should not have titles.” Before concluding they admitted, “She thinks Peter especially has inherited the resilience that is so characteristic of Anne. She sees him as dependable.”



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