THOMAS Markle accused Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of failing to provide him with help and support when paparazzi “hounded him.” Thomas Markle claimed Prince Harry failed to offer him any security or protection when the paparazzi first began to seek him following his engagement to Meghan Markle. Thomas insisted he had received little advice from the royal on how to best address the extra attention and was left alone to handle the growing pressure.



The Duchess of Sussex’s father made the claim in his new Remarkable Friendship vlog on YouTube.He said: “No one came to protect me or help me when I was discovered by all the press. “I got no help from anyone. I kept saying I needed help and the only answer was from Harry. “He said, ‘the best advice I can give you is just don’t talk to anyone ever.’ “He said, ‘never talk to the press.’ So that didn’t really work for me. Thomas Markle continued: “I was hounded by the press for a good couple of years.


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“And it takes a lot out of you and people can see it did a lot of damage to me for a while.” He also questioned Prince Harry’s advice not to speak to the press, noting both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex repeatedly spoke to members of the media since quitting the Royal Family in 2020. He added: “It amazes me that a man that tells me, ‘don’t talk to anyone,’ rides on the top of a bus down Hollywood Boulevard doing an interview.



“It amazes me they go on Oprah Winfrey for hours and sat there for hours and talk and expose things they shouldn’t be exposing to anyone. “And I think it’s so disrespectful to the royals. I have great respect for all the royals.” Thomas Markle has not met in person with Meghan Markle since before her wedding, and he is believed to have never met Prince Harry face to face.


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Last year, he claimed he would be ready to launch legal action against his own daughter in order to meet grandchildren Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana.
He, however, retracted his threat as he insisted he did not want his grandchildren to be turned into “some kind of game.”



Thomas said: “I’ve had offers from several lawyers, pro bono, we do have a right to sue to see our grandchildren but to me, that’s like turning this into some kind of game or using them as pawns and I won’t sue to see them because I just think that’s using them.It’s not what I plan to do and I don’t want to see Harry and Meghan do the same thing. “They shouldn’t be used, they’re just kids, they’re babies so no, I’ll wait.”


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