kate middleton and the queen elizabeth


Almost 11 years after joining the royal family, Middleton has emerged as one of its greatest stars. She enjoys consistent positive popularity rates, and her reputation has remained relatively scot-free despite the family’s many scandals.



She and Prince William are now the face of several of the monarchy’s major initiatives such as Heads Together, which aims to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and the Earthshot Prize, which awards grants to creative solutions combating climate change.



kate middleton on her birthday
She also has several projects of her own: this June, she announced the creation of the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood, which focuses on children’s wellbeing. On Twitter, the couple shared a video that showed ten years of the Duchess working with young children. “She wanted to learn.



There were a lot of under-the-radar visits and she saw people privately to help her understand the issues she wanted to put her name to,” her former private secretary, Rebecca Priestley, told The Daily Mail. “These were lifelong decisions she was taking. She wanted to have credibility when she spoke.” Earlier in May, she released the book Hold Still, a collection of pandemic-era photographs taken by people across the U.K.



Kate Middleton replies her number one fan
On January 9, the Duchess turns 40. She has officially spent over a decade in the royal family, and just under two decades in the public eye. Although it’s premature to proclaim her legacy—the Queen, after all, has spent seven decades on the throne—it’s not too early to sense some of her impact.



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