Research compiled by data analytics service Bot Sentinel found the Duchess was a victim of three anti-Meghan YouTube channels. The report found together the channels had accumulated a total of 497 million views and an estimated £2.8million in revenue. Bot Sentinel said:



“It’s our opinion that several of the most well-known and active hate accounts were actively targeting journalists and royal commentators to boost their visibility and amplify their hate campaign; in some cases, they were successful.” In 2019 Meghan claimed she learned she had been one of the “most trolled people” in the world.



harry and meghan markle selling

A new poll of readers shows that more than half of readers believe the Prince should only have private security. reader MargoHR stressed: “As Harry and Meghan decided to relinquish all royal duties and leave the UK to make tens of millions from Netflix and other American commercial activities, they should have to pay for their own security, 100 percent.



Prince Harry and meghan

“It is wholly inappropriate to suggest the British taxpayer should make any payment whatsoever.”



Here Goes added: “Harry and Meghan did not just ‘step away’ from their royal responsibilities and duties; they abandoned them to live a ‘private’ celebrity lifestyle in exile.



meghan and harry red carpet

“In effect they abdicated their jobs and therefore are not entitled to their previous considerable advantages and perks which went with their former jobs.”



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