Jennifer Love Hewitt has revealed her sadness about the death of one of her best friends, it was posted by the star on Instagram.



“When I was a kid, I watched ‘Golden Girls’ with my grandmother and I fell in love with Betty White,” the actor shared. “Then I got to work with her, and I fell in love with her for real. I had the greatest honour and pleasure of being really close with her and calling her a really really good friend – One of my best friends.”


betty white and jennifer love

White died at age 99 on Dec. 31, weeks shy of her 100th birthday on Jan. 17. Hewitt worked together with Betty White on the 2011 Hallmark movie “The Lost Valentine”, and the two have been close ever since. The two often went out for drinks and pizza together.



“I’m sure you all know by now. If you don’t, Betty passed away this morning. She was going to be 100 years old in January. She was everything that you wanted her to be and more,” she continued between pauses to wipe away tears. “So, please honour her by laughing – and drinking vodka, because she loved vodka. And playing Scrabble, because she loved to play Scrabble. And watching her on ‘Golden Girls’ and all the amazing things she was a part of. Hug your animals because she loved animals more than anything in the world.”


The mother of three ended her speech with a direct address to White: “Miss Betty White, you are now my angel and I love you always.”



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