Halle Berry looked fabulous on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ when she rocked a plunging sheer black shirt while admitting that she was drunk when she jokingly married her boyfriend. Halle Berry, 55, has been on a roll promoting her new movie, Moonfall, which hits theaters on Feb. 4, and her latest look while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was fabulous. The actress called in virtually to the show when she opted to wear a completely sheer, plunging black blouse.



Halle’s shirt had see-through long-sleeves and a low-cut V-neckline that revealed ample cleavage. She accessorized her top with layered gold necklaces and had her light brown hair down and parted in the middle in effortless beach waves. Halle topped her look off with a sultry smokey eye and a glossy nude lip. Not only did Halle look gorgeous, but she addressed the situation of her pretending to marry her boyfriend, Van Hunt.



Halle shocked everyone when she posted a photo on Jan. 1, of her and Van kissing underneath an alter with the caption, “well…IT’S OFFICIAL!” While fans assumed she and her boyfriend of two years officially tied the knot, Halle revealed that it was actually a joke. She spoke about this even further on The Tonight Show, when she said, “I was with my boyfriend, we were on an island, we had copious amounts of drinks at the bar.”



She continued on, “We’re trying to make it back to our room and we pass this little chapel and we think, ‘Oh, let’s go in here, let’s see what’s inside here.’ So we go in and while we’re in there, we get this crazy idea, we’re thinking, let’s fool his mom. Let’s take a photo of us, send it to her and say, ‘Guess what, we got married,’ and then say, ‘Not!’”



While Halle and Van thought it was hilarious, the actress explained that it got out of hand, admitting, “So we took the photo and after we saw how good the photo came out, we said, ‘Let’s play this joke on everybody on our friends on Instagram too. Let’s post it and then let’s swipe over and tell them it’s official, swipe, it’s 2022 right?’ That’s how we thought it would play and that everyone would be like, ‘Oh good one Halle, good one Van.’”



Even though it was all fun and games for the couple, people took the announcement seriously and Halle laughed, saying, “But instead, within five minutes, we got all of these congratulations from like Ava DuVernay and The Rock.”


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