Halle Berry shared a montage of super-toned images with her friend and personal trainer to the stars in their latest fitness instalment on Friday – but what exactly do the pair get up to? The shots featured the actor and model, 55, embracing and posing with Peter Lee Thomas, with fans treated to weekly workouts after the much-loved Instagram series recently made a comeback. The star – now honoured with the Critics Choice Awards SeeHer Award – captioned one sweaty post-workout pic with, “We finally made it to Fitness Friday so begin to #respinyourfit by heading over to @respin for this week’s #FitnessFriday classic from @paterleethomas and I.



“Breathe in, breathe out and get to moving! .. oh, and tag us in your post-workout selfies!” The workouts are now shared to rē•spin, Berry’s digital health and wellness platform. Thomas commented, “No workout is quite the same without you my fitness partner! Thanks for always inspiring me to be the best version of myself.” Other tips posted by Berry to accompany the intimate training photos include, “Stay encouraged and inspired” and “Don’t forget to stretch and reset after your workout. Your body will thank you later!”.



Thomas even revealed the fitness duo’s unique cool down method, commenting, “Dancing after our workout was soooo much fun! Talk about the best cool down! Thanks my fit partner!” Over on rē•spin, fans were treated to watching exactly what Berry does in her workouts with Thomas, as they “continue to celebrate International Women’s Month”.



While star-jumping at the speed of light, Berry said, “I encourage you to reach out to another women, encourage them, inspire them, make them feel and be better than they ever thought they could be, or encourage them to do more than they’re already doing.” She added, “Let’s do this ladies. And however you start your workout today, start it big, start it hard, find that warrior inside you, start with a big number, like 100 jumping jacks, 100 rope skips.”



After doing the first 200, her workout routine as demonstrated includes doing 80 more squats, then slamming down a 15-20 pound ball 40 times, followed by 60 of what she calls the ‘catwoman’, 10 burpee balls, 20 side chops on each side, and (finally) some cardio (which she opts to do by running as fast as possible on a treadmill for 5 minutes). The previous week, she shared another of her and Thomas’ workouts, this time from the garden, as they challenged fans to do as many of the exercises as they can, which include variations of jumping squats, press-ups and stretches, with props like weights and resistance bands.



Many commented their reaction to the intense workout, including “wonderful duo”, “this is a killer’ and –noticing Berry’s handy weights trick – “A water jug?! YAAASSSS! Would’ve never thought of that.” No stranger to extreme workouts, in her role for a disgraced MMA fighter in Bruised, she learnt five versions of mixed martial arts, including Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, Muay Thai, tae kwon do, and kickboxing, as well as upping her weight-training, reports Women’s Health.



Even enduring two broken ribs from filming scenes, she told the magazine, “To be the age I am and push my body to its limits reminded me that age is just a number. We can control how we define ourselves, and I’ve never been healthier and felt stronger. This movie helped me realise that.” But when she’s not on such a strict fighting routine, she still, evidently, takes her workouts seriously, normally exercising six days a week, pausing to rest on Sunday.



While she may be disciplined, this doesn’t necessarily mean she’s set on one particular routine. Berry will do a daily body assessment to decide which exercises will most suit her body that day, which could also be pilates or yoga. Nutrition is another key component of Berry’s fitness routine. The star, who was diagnosed with diabetes at 19, maintains a low-carb diet to help manage her blood sugar levels. In the morning, she’ll have a coffee and a collagen-boosted protein smoothie, a lamb chop or rib eye with greens, beetroot or cauliflower rice, and a salad heavy on the protein for dinner.



While the fitness life of Berry may seem a little daunting, she does also take a holistic approach, looking after her mental health too. She meditates in a quiet place in her garden to nurture her mind and has also tried alternative treatments like acupuncture.


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