Prince Harry and meghan


The extent of the damage Prince Harry, Meghan Markle left in their wake after their departure from the royal family has been laid bare.



Royal author Clive Irving made this shocking revelation during a candid chat with Express UK.



There the biographer was quoted saying, “I think it is greatly overblown,



if you look at the effects of it on the institution itself, I think they’ve weathered it quite well.”



“I think it’s a question of the relationship of the two brothers and they seem to be being reconciled now.”



The author also went on to add, “I think that Meghan raised a very important issue about the lack of diversity in the staffing of the palace” during her time.



Especially since “The palace must reflect the world outside not the world inside,



and they still haven’t made that adjustment but I think the two boys are going to get together again, they’re kind of natural companions.”


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