Royal Son


Experts recently shed some light on the knee jerk reaction Prince William had towards Prince Harry’s admissions in the African documentary.



This claim has been made by the Daily Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English. The Daily Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English brought this claim forward and revealed Prince William’s knee-jerk reaction to Prince Harry’s African documentary claim.


The entire conversation occurred in a 2020 Channel 5 documentary, titled William & Kate: Too Good To Be True. Ms English started it all off by saying, “I know William watched this interview with a mixture of shock and horror.”



“Harry was kind of publicly airing their dirty linen, and I know he debated long and hard about what to do.” Even follow former journalist Richard Kay weighed in on Prince Harry’s “deep understanding” of Prince William, and his role as the future King of England.


Before the conclusion of the entire interview he also chimed in to say, “No one knows more than Harry what kind of life William has got in front of him. William had every expectation and reason to think that Harry was going to be there supporting him when the time came. Now it looks like he won’t be.”


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