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Drake and Taylor Swift are reportedly not collaborating on new music and there is no hidden meaning behind Drake’s inclusion of a selfie with Swift in a new post on Instagram. Sources with “direct knowledge” have confirmed to TMZ that the post from this week was simply a throwback photo and nothing more.
“They too soft to understand the meaning of hard work,” Drake captioned eye-catching the post.



Despite having no more information to go on than the old photo, fans were quick to run wild with theories on social media.
“Drake wouldn’t randomly post a photo with Taylor Swift just like that… Looks like the collaboration is really coming,” one user wrote, as noted by Page Six.
Another went even more conspiratorial: “He posted this as the 5th photo and 1989 is her 5th album and she has a 1989 era haircut!!”

Ideas weren’t limited to music. Other fans began to theorize whether the two artists could be dating; however, Swift has been in a relationship with actor Joe Alwyn since 2016.



taylor swift
Check out Drake’s original post below, where his picture with Swift is included as the final in a series of photos. Drake’s son Adonis is also included in the post.


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