Tyler Cameron took E! News through his star-filled messages on the latest episode of Down in the DMs. Hear about his conversations with Selma Blair, Andy Cohen and more. Bachelor Nation’s Tyler Cameron is being put to the test this time around, and while his days of being a self-admitted “loose cannon in the DMs” are long gone, there’s still plenty of tea to be found in his inbox—most of which began brewing after his stint on The Bachelorette.



“Celebrities and movie stars were like, ‘Oh, you were so great on that show!'” Tyler exclusively revealed on the Feb. 17 episode. “I’m like, ‘You guys watch this show?'” One such actor was Selma Blair, though she had actually been duped by someone impersonating Tyler.


jennifer aniston
“I remember when I got on the show, there was a fake account that grew to like 60,000 followers,” he recalled. “And it was following people and sending random DMs and it must have followed Selma.”



Why did Tyler come to that conclusion? Because Selma later messaged his real account. According to Tyler, Selma’s message read, “So excited to see that you’re following me but I never watched The Bachelorette. You must be a fan of retired ’90s queen actresses. But you unfollowed me so unfollowed you back!”


jennifer aniston smiles
If you think that’s a missed connection, consider Tyler’s next confession. “The one I always thought about DMing was Jennifer Aniston,” he revealed. “Because Jennifer Aniston at the People’s Choice Awards walked by me and said, ‘Hey, how are you?'”



“I was like, ‘Jennifer Aniston knows who I am?!'” Tyler added. “I would love to shoot my shot with her [but] I think the time has passed.”


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