Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their second child, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, in June 2021. Baby Lilibet, who will be known as Lili, was named in honour of the Queen’s family nickname. But both Lilibet and her older brother Archie Harrison did not receive royal titles from the Queen when they were born.

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Under the eligibility criteria, both Archie and Lilibet may be eligible to run for the US presidency in the future. Anyone who is a natural-born US citizen, at least 35 years old and has been a resident of the US for 14 years is eligible to run for president in the US.



Although Archie was born in the UK, his mother Meghan is a US citizen, which means he is eligible for US citizenship. Changes were implemented in the 1970s which allow children born abroad to be American citizens if either parent was a US citizen at birth.


And Lilibet was born in California, where her family now resides full-time, so Lilibet is also eligible to put herself forward for the top job one day.



John R Vile, professor of political science at Middle Tennessee State University, explained to USA TODAY: “Children born of Prince Harry and Megan Markle in the United States would be citizens and would be eligible to run for president when they are old enough, but they would have to win this in an election rather than inherit the office.”

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If either Archie or Lilibet has political ambitions in the future, they may have to renounce their claims to the British throne to be US president or receive special permission from Congress.



Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis do not have the option of American citizenship, so they are not eligible to run for president like their cousins.
Harry and Meghan’s two children, Archie and Lilibet, are both seventh and eighth in line to the throne respectively.


Despite this, Archie and Lilibet were not granted royal titles by the Queen, due to royal rules implemented more than a century ago.



A letter passed by King George V in 1917 outlined who exactly was eligible for Prince and Princess titles in the Royal Family. The children of the monarch, and the grandchildren of the monarch through the male line, are eligible for Prince and Princess titles.

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For this reason, Prince William and Prince Harry got titles because their father was the Queen’s son.



The letter also outlined that great-grandchildren of the monarch are not eligible for Prince or Princess titles. However, an exception was made for the eldest son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales.
So under the rules, Prince George was eligible for a Prince title when he was born in 2013.


Technically, George’s future siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis would not be given Prince or Princess titles under these rules.


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